Welsh Labour Standing Up Against Tory Cuts

David Rees AM has said Welsh Labour will continue to fight against the worst effects of the Tory-led Westminster government’s cuts.

The AM for Aberavon outlined a series of key Labour actions helping those in his constituency affected by the Tory cuts including:

• Council tax support
• Flying start
• Credit union support
• Free school breakfasts
• Pupil deprivation grants

David Rees AM said: “The Welsh Labour Government is determined to do everything it can to mitigate against these devastating cuts and their consequences on the people of Wales.

In Westminster, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are introducing the most radical and ruthless changes to welfare benefits for decades.

“With innovative schemes such as free school breakfasts and free prescriptions, to council tax support and pupil deprivation grants, we are doing everything in our power to help alleviate the pressure on hard working families.

“At the last Assembly elections Welsh Labour promised to stand up for the people of Wales and I am proud to confirm that we are taking on the difficult tasks which are required to deliver on that promise.”


Editor’s Notes

Council Tax Support

The Tory-led UK Government has scrapped Council Tax Benefit for people in England and cut funding to the Welsh Labour Government to use on replacement schemes by 10%.
Thanks to Welsh Labour in government in Wales a national Council Tax Reduction Scheme has been introduced with an additional £22 million identified to cover the shortfall.

Flying start

Flying Start is one of Welsh Labour’s flagship government programmes that includes a package of measures to give children in disadvantaged areas a better start in life.
The multi-disciplinary programme provides a ‘universal’ set of entitlements which all children under the age of 4, and their families within targeted geographical areas can access.
Flying Start continues to be the envy of the UK and the Welsh Labour Government and is on track to meet our manifesto commitment to double the number of children who can access the scheme from 18,000 to 36,000 by the end of this Assembly term.

Credit Unions

Since 2010 over £4m has made available by the Welsh Labour Government and European Regional Development Fund to the Credit Unions Project.
At the start of 2013 Credit Unions had helped almost 13,000 financially excluded adults have access to financial products that are simple, transparent and affordable.

Free school breakfasts

The Tories have long opposed Welsh Labour’s successful Free School Breakfasts scheme and have called for it to be scrapped. With over 72% of schools now signed up to offering free school breakfasts, this is further proof of how out of touch they are with the needs of working people.

Pupil deprivation grants

The Pupil Deprivation Grant is a key Welsh Labour Government initiative in supporting the priority of addressing the impact of deprivation on attainment.
The money provided through the Pupil Deprivation Grant is additional funding for children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to ensure schools tackle the barriers to learning and invest in effective approaches for tackling the impact of deprivation.