Wales to Keep NHS bursary for student nurses

Released 9-12-16

David Rees AM has welcomed the news that Wales is to keep the bursary for student Nurses.  Mr Rees has received significant correspondence and representations from constituents and organisations in support of the bursary. This is in contrast to England where the bursary will end for those starting their training in September 2017.

The bursary will be based upon individuals committing in advance to taking up the opportunity to work in Wales, post qualification, for a period of two years.

David Rees AM said:  “This announcement is about the Welsh Labour Government investing in the future of the Welsh NHS. We know there are workforce challenges that need to be addressed within our NHS and are taking serious steps to make sure we have the highly trained staff to meet the future needs of our health services.”

“It is also a sign that the Welsh Labour Government are listening to the views of students and residents across Wales.  Many current and possible future health professionals have written to support the continuation of the bursary.  They know the financial difficulties many student nurses face and the importance of offering this support to encourage people to enter the profession.”