Update Free Swimming for over 60s

Please find below a copy of the letter received yesterday from the Deputy Minister regarding the future of the free over 60s swimming following questions I have raised with him as a result of the news that Celtic Leisure are reducing their free swimming sessions for the over 60s at the Aberavon Leisure Centre.


The letter identifies the Welsh Government’s ambition of creating a better balance of free swimming support between under 16’s and over 60’s and also to helping more people from disadvantaged areas to access free swimming sessions.  However, I am concerned that many over 60s who currently benefit from access to free swimming sessions will lose out as a consequence of these proposals.  These sessions give people opportunities to improve their fitness, socialise with a wider group of people and remove isolationism.  I will be raising this with the Welsh Government when we return to Cardiff Bay next week and I will be fully supporting all over 60s to have continued access to free swimming as it benefits their general well-being, both physically and mentally.


I strongly believe that we are elected to help people live better lives, whether in work or retirement, and I will continue to fight to achieve that.

Brief for AMs Free Swimming