Statement on today’s A-Level, A/S Level and BTEC results

Congratulations to all students who have received their A-Level, A/S Level and BTEC results today. I know it’s been a challenging year but I hope that the Grades you have been rewarded reflect your commitment and hard work to your studies. I wish all those who are off to University or to study higher education qualifications or going into the workplace in the Autumn my very best wishes.

However there will be many today who are disappointed with the results awarded through the standardisation process. I believe it is important that no student should be disadvantaged through no fault of their own and thus will be writing to the Minister for Education to hold a review of this process and in particular to ensure that the appeals process takes into consideration teacher assessment and estimated grades particularly for those students who have not had an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities via any external examination. We must support our young people during these difficult times and encourage them to continue with their education either through and education institution or through the workplace.