M4 to remain in darkness over winter

In answer to a question from local Aberavon Assembly Member, David Rees, the Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport, Lee Waters, gave a clear indication that the road lighting on the elevated section of the M4 above Port Talbot will not be replaced in the coming months.

Mr Rees asked the Deputy Minister when the lights, which have been taken down on the elevated section of the M4, would be replaced particularly as we experience the longer hours of darkness over the winter months. In his response, Mr Waters stated that the lights had been taken down due to weaknesses in the structural integrity of the lamp posts and that the Welsh Government were looking at designs for new lights. He added that funding for this will not be available until the next financial year in April.

Mr Rees has expressed his huge disappointment that there will be no street lighting on this elevated section of the M4 over the winter months and is unlikely that we will see replacement of the lights before the summer.

David Rees AM said: “It is quite surprising how dark it is on that stretch of motorway, particularly as you come to it from lit sections either side. I would urge all drivers to take extra care over the winter months to ensure that we do not see any increase in accidents on this stretch of road.”