Local politicians welcome Welsh Government’s Investment

The Welsh Government’s 21st century Schools programme has seen the young pupils in the Sandfields area benefit from state-of-the-art facilities at the new Awel-y-Mor Primary School.  In its first year of operation the new school has seen improved attendance and has established a strong reputation within the local community.

David Rees, Aberavon’s Assembly member, welcomed the investment and stated “The development of Awel-Y-Mor demonstrates the importance that the Welsh Government places upon building a strong education system which is backed by modern facilities that allow teachers and pupils to reach their potential.  But it’s not just young people who benefit as the school not only provides a fantastic place for pupils to learn but also offers local people a home for their community activities, highlighting that education is a lifelong process.

“The head Teacher, staff, governors, parents and most of all the pupils are to be congratulated on a successful first year of operation and I look forward to seeing this school grow in stature in coming years.

Stephen Kinnock, Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Aberavon, also welcomed the establishment of the Awel-y- Môr school, saying:

“Well run and well equipped schools form the bedrock of a successful economy and strong communities. The Welsh Government’s continued investment in building high quality schools such as Awel-y- Môr stands in marked contrast to the way in which the Tory led UK Government’s education policies have failed to provide teachers, young people, parents and communities with the long-term support and leadership that they require. The Welsh Government’s 21st Century Schools programme is helping to equip our young people with the skills and knowledge that potential future employers are looking for. Awel-y- Môr is good news for our communities, and good news for future jobs and growth.”’