Local Labour Assembly Members, David Rees (Aberavon) and Jeremy Miles (Neath) are pleased that the Welsh Labour Government is commissioning a review into the Learner Travel Measure. At the end of the last academic year Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council issued a consultation in regard to post 16 travel to Welsh Medium schools, and faith schools, something which both Mr Rees and Mr Miles strongly opposed. They both welcomed the decision of the local authority to withdraw their consultation for this academic year, however, as a result of the initial proposal both have raised this with the Welsh Government, asking for a review of the Learner Travel Measure to ensure that this can be resolved by Welsh Government ensuring that they legislate for post 16 travel to and from school.

David Rees AM said: “I am pleased that the Welsh Government has listened to the concerns I raised within the National Assembly regarding proposals that had been put forward, but later withdrawn, by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council that may have had a detrimental impact upon post 16 education, especially for those pupils attending Welsh medium education and faith based education.”

“This review by the Welsh Government must not be a paper exercise, but must be meaningful and ensure that the benefits of providing travel to post 16 education, particularly to Welsh medium schools and faith schools, is not affected by the austerity cuts imposed on us by the Tory Westminster Government so that all pupils have access to the education they deserve and in the medium they wish to follow.”

Jeremy Miles AM added: “I am pleased that the Welsh Government is acting on the concerns that many of us have raised on behalf of our constituents.”

“Concerns were raised with me specifically about the impact on access to Welsh medium education of potential adverse changes in local school travel arrangements for post 16 study and it is vital that this should be protected. We should do all we can to ensure that students can take full advantage of post 16 study in a way which best suits their needs. I will continue to press for progress on this issue in the coming months.”