Local AM supports microbeads ban

Aberavon’s Assembly Member, David Rees, has supported Welsh Government proposals to introduce a ban on microbeads in Wales.

The ban will apply to the supply and manufacture of ‘rinse-off’ personal care products which contain plastic microbeads.

Plastic microbeads are a common ingredient in many hand cleansers, face scrubs, toothpastes, shower gels, cosmetics and other personal care products. When washed down the drain, they are too small to be filtered out in sewage treatment systems, so a proportion enter the marine environment, causing harm to marine life.

The ban will make it an offence to manufacture any rinse-off personal care products which contain plastic microbeads. It will also be an offence to supply rinse-off personal care products which contain microbeads.
The ban will come into force on 30 June.

Mr Rees said:

“Microbeads are harmful to our oceans and are completely unnecessary. This ban is about stopping these pollutants from entering our seas. We have all seen the pictures of the devastation and harm they cause to our oceans and the sea life and I am pleased that here in Wales we are doing something about it.”

“We are working hard in Wales to reduce waste and our record as the best recycling nation in the UK is one to be proud of.”

“I also welcome Welsh Government plans to develop water refill points at key points along our Wales Coast Path, helping reduce further the amount of plastic being wasted and/or entering our seas.”

“We can all do our bit and I would urge residents in Neath Port Talbot to consider their use of single use plastics”