Local AM seeks answers on M4 speed Limit

David Rees, Assembly Member for Aberavon, this week met with Welsh Government officials from the Transport department to discuss the decision to make the 50mph a permanent speed limit between junctions 41 and 42 along the M4.


Officials indicated that the temporary order for the 50mph was approaching a renewal date in the early autumn and there was a need to make a new order that would create a permanent speed limit between Junction 40 and Junction 43 of the M4 around the Port Talbot area which comes into effect on the 24th July 2019. This will include an extension to the current 50mph zone to the East of Port Talbot to beyond the stanchion east of junction 40, thereby resulting in drivers entering the 50mph earlier than at present if travelling west.


To enforce the speed limits in this section, additional average speed camera’s will be erected on the section of the M4 between junctions 41 and 42 to enforce the permanent 50mph speed limit. There will also be average speed cameras placed on the stanchion east of junction 40 at the start of the west bound carriageway of this section of the M4. Thus people will need to be aware that the 50mph speed limit will now be enforced between the western end of the section (near the Llandarcy junction) and the eastern end of Port Talbot (east of junction 40 at Taibach).


Mr Rees said; “This new order will take effect on 24th of July, though in reality we will see no change to the existing speed limit which is 50mph on this stretch. I understand the reason for applying this speed limit is to reduce the nitrogen dioxide emissions and consequently reduce pollutant levels so that this section of road can meet legal levels. Failure to do so both impacts upon the health of local people and places the government in breach of the law.”


“I have been assured that the monitoring of pollutants will continue, with the first report due to be published in the autumn. These reports will allow us to see the impact of these speed restrictions on pollutant levels and will be used as evidence to decide whether it will be possible to re-establish the national speed limit.”

Mr Rees added; “I ask everyone to please tell drivers that these changes will take place on the 24th July so that people are aware of the changes and the enforcement that will be in place.”