David Rees AM welcomes local campaigners to the Senedd

On Tuesday 13th May, David Rees,  Assembly Member for Aberavon, supported local community members in their demonstration against the proposed trial closure of Junction 41 of the M4. Approximately 100 people came to protest this decision, concerned that such a closure will have a detrimental impact on the local community, particulary on the Aberavon economy. Initially facing a six month trial closure of both slip roads, this has been commuted to the trial closure of the Westbound on-slip during peak times only; however, local residents and businesses remain worried about the potential impact on the town.

David said: “I welcome the work of local campaigners and councillors who, along with myself and Aberavon MP Dr Hywel Francis, have been consistent in our message that Junction 41 should remain open. While this outcome still includes a part-time closure of the west bound  on-slip road it will definitely reduce the impact upon businesses in the  town. However, we will not take our eyes off this proposal and I will continue to  represent local people on their objections to these closures now and in 2015  when they come back for review, and I congratulate local campaigners on their efforts at the Senedd today.”