David Rees AM visits CERN Institute in Switzerland

On Monday 20th January members of the Cross Party Group on Science and Technology, of which David Rees AM is Chair, were invited to visit the CERN research institute near Geneva, Switzerland, to take the opportunity during a maintenance period to explore the facilities, including the Large Hadron Collider. CERN, founded in 1954, is the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, where engineers and physicists work together using the latest and most advanced technology and scientific instruments to probe the fundamental structure of the universe, including exploring the origins of the Big Bang.

During their visit, Members met with Professor Michael Charlton, from the Physics Department in Swansea University, together with some of his research students from the university now based in CERN. They discussed the Atlas Experiment into antimatter in which they were involved and the benefits to Wales of such international research collaboration.

David said: “This visit once again highlights the importance science plays within the world, and we must encourage more young people to take STEM subjects at GCSE and beyond. Through Professor Lyn Evans, Wales has played a leading part at CERN and the work being done by Swansea University appears to be continuing the excellent involvement of Welsh Higher Education in cutting edge research.”