David Rees AM Supports the TUC’s A Future That Works Campaign.

David Rees AM added their support to the Wales TUC’s A Future That Works Campaign bus tour as it set off from the National Assembly for Wales’ Senedd building.  The bus tour, which started on the 18th June and will continue travelling across Wales until 27th June, aims to uncover the true impact of austerity, gather stories and unite communities and elected representatives to stand up for change.


As the Coalition Government has failed to deliver on growth and jobs and its austerity measures have impacted heavily on ordinary people, their families and standards of living,  the Wales TUC will lead the way in a campaign which exposes the real story of how austerity impacts on us all.  All elected representatives across Wales will be asked to back the campaign and join the call that Wales Rejects Austerity.


As well as calling on elected representatives across Wales to back the campaign, Wales TUC will offer a unique opportunity for the people behind the statistics to share their stories.

The Future That Works Bus officially set off from the National Assembly for Wales’ Senedd building, Cardiff Bay on Tuesday 18th June.  


The campaign route can be found at www.afuturethatworkswales.com which will also feature stories and other news from the campaign bus as it travels across the country. 


Speaking after Tuesday’s campaign launch, David Rees AM said:


“Ordinary people in Aberavon are being forced to deal with the consequences of a crisis they did nothing to cause. I am supporting this campaign to help give a voice to the people behind the statistics.


Wales TUC, General Secretary Martin Mansfield said:


“As living standards facing growing pressure, our analysis has shown that pay packets at a UK level have shrunk by a staggering £52bn since 2007 with workers in Wales facing a £2.3bn wage shortfall.


“Youth unemployment remains at record levels while 1 in 10 workers in Wales are stuck on shorter hours than they need. Slashed welfare payments will also see £1 billion sucked from the Welsh economy as households continue to pay the bills for a banking crisis they did nothing to cause. We need a new approach that delivers investment, growth and jobs while closing tax loopholes rather than cutting employment and welfare”