David Rees AM supports National Adoption Week Campaign

On Wednesday 6th November, David Rees AM attended the National Adoption Week event in the Senedd hosted by the British Association of Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), alongside charities Adoption UK, After Adoption, Barnardo’s and St David’s Children’s Society.

National Adoption Week is part of a campaign to encourage more people from all backgrounds to consider adoption, as new research reveals myths and misunderstandings preventing potential adopters from coming forward. Figures show that a fifth of the Welsh population believe single people are not eligible to adopt, whilst one in four believe that being over the age of 40 would prevent them from adopting a child, whereas in fact there is no upper age limit.

 David Rees AM said: “This new research shows that out-dated misconceptions are having a serious impact on new prospective adopters coming forward. This is particularly concerning when there is a shortage of adopters in comparison to the number of children waiting for adoptive families. Children need security, stability, love and a sense of belonging in a home environment, and we know that these homes can take many different forms.”

 For more information on adopting please contact the Adoption UK enquiry line on 0844 848 7900 or email

[email protected]. The digital photography ‘Adopting Attitudes’ Exhibition promoting adoption in Wales is available to view online at www.nationaladoptionweek.org.uk/adoption/stories/adopting-attitudes.