David Rees AM Supports compulsory microchipping of dogs.

Today sees the passing of regulations that will introduce the compulsory microchipping of dogs in Wales. Aberavon’s AM David Rees, who has been a long-time supporter of compulsory micro chipping, used the occasion of today’s vote to welcome the impact the changes will have on animal welfare in Wales.

The regulations, introduced by the Welsh Government, mean that all puppies over 56 days old and dogs will have to be microchipped.

The changes will help tackle animal cruelty as owners of dogs will be easily identifiable and will help reunite stray and missing dogs with their owners. It will encourage owners to take greater responsibility for their dogs’ welfare and behavior, and could also provide traceability for disease control purposes.

An extensive public consultation carried out by the Welsh Government saw overwhelming support for the new regulations.

Mr Rees said “I am delighted that the Assembly has approved these changes. Animal cruelty is an issue close to my heart and close to the hearts of many of my constituents. These regulations will mean that the vast majority of dog owners who are responsible will have the security of knowing they can be traced should their precious pet goes missing, whilst providing reassurance that those who mistreat their animals can also be identified. “

“This isn’t an expensive process – organisations like the Dog’s Trust are offering free micro-chipping at events and vets and I would advise all constituents to look at support available locally to help comply with the scheme.”