David Rees AM joins OFGEM drive to help vulnerable customers get more from their energy supplier

OFGEMDavid Rees AM has joined an Ofgem drive to increase the take-up of free services available from energy suppliers. These services are available to vulnerable people who sign up to the Priority Service Register (PSR), a list of domestic customers who are of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick. Each energy supplier is required to have their own PSR and to provide free help to people who add themselves, or are referred, to their list. The type of services available to PSR customers include advance notice of planned power cuts for customers who depend on their energy supply for medical reasons, a password protection scheme and free annual gas appliance safety checks for homeowners. Suppliers are also prohibited from disconnecting a premises occupied by a customer eligible for the PSR during the winter months (1 October – 31 March).

David Rees AM said: “Currently there are over 200,000 people signed up to a Priority Service Register, but many more eligible people may be unaware that it exists and what benefits it could bring them. Ofgem’s new form is a quick and simple way to sign up and gain access to free services for those that need them most. I am working with and for constituents to raise awareness of the PSR and urge people to sign up now.”