David Rees AM continues to fight for school transport.

On Monday 6th June, as children started their final ½ term attending Cwrt Sart Community Comprehensive School, David Rees AM, who has been a strong campaigner for safe routes to the new school at Ysgol Bae Baglan, once again walked one of the routes pupils will be expected to take to their new school at Ysgol Bae Baglan. David was joined on the walk by members of Briton Ferry town council, including the Town Council Mayor and Briton Ferry West Councillor Hugh James. The routes expected to be taken by pupils include walking along the busy A48 dual carriageway at Baglan and along Brunel Way into Baglan Energy Park travelling along Central Avenue. Both are busy routes, particularly at the times when children will be walking to and from school, and these routes will only become busier as Ysgol Bae Baglan opens.

David Rees AM said; “We left Cwrt Sart School at 7:30 am and the journey took us almost an hour, walking briskly on a sunny morning. This journey will be more difficult and challenging in the winter as children face dark mornings and harsher weather conditions. We must remember that the children will also be expected to walk home either at the end of the school day or later if attending after-school events”.

He added; “I strongly believe that the children from Briton Ferry, who would have attended Cwrt Sart in September had it remained open, should be supported in their transport to/from their new school to ensure both their safety and their best performance once there.”

David will be walking the route once more at the end of this final term at Cwrt Sart and hopes to be accompanied by parents of pupils that will be attending Ysgol Bae Baglan. More details of this walk will follow and the information will be available on David’s Facebook, twitter and website, as well as through Cwrt Sart Community School.