Ban on smoking in cars carrying children comes into force

Local Assembly Members, David Rees AM for Aberavon & Mike Hedges AM for Swansea East, are reminding residents across region that the ban on smoking in cars carrying people under the age of 18 will officially come into force in Wales on Thursday (1st October).

Both are strong supporters of the ban and wish to spell out the reasons for its introduction.

Mr Rees said: “I am pleased that this ban is being introduced and want all residents in the region to be aware of its introduction on the 1st October.

“Children are still growing and are affected more by second hand smoke.”

“Statistics also point to children from poorer backgrounds being exposed to second hand smoke more often than those from more affluent backgrounds”

“Having spoken to residents since the ban was announced, I know that there is real public support for this measure, not least from the children it will benefit.”

Mike Hedges added “Children sat in cars cannot avoid the smoke coming from cigarettes when adults light up in cars.  It is unacceptable that we allow children to be exposed to these fumes and I am pleased that the Government has acted to stop this.”

The new law, means that from Thursday:

  • It will be illegal to smoke in private vehicles when someone under the age of 18 is present;
  •  A private vehicle must be smoke-free if it is enclosed, there is more than one person present and one of them is under the age of 18;
  •  It will be an offence for a person of any age to smoke in a private vehicle when someone under the age of 18 is present and for a driver, including a provisional driver, not to stop someone smoking in these circumstances;
  •  The fixed penalty notice fine for both offences is £50.  Somebody who commits both offences could get two fines;
  •  The rules do not apply to e-cigarettes;
  •  The law does not apply when someone under the age of 18 is smoking and is the only person in the vehicle;
  •  Police and local authorities will enforce the regulations.



***For further information please contact Angharad Thomas on 0300 200 7128 or [email protected]