Representatives of Remploy, Unite the Union and the GMB met with Assembly Members today (14.03.12) to mark their support for the future of Remploy. Representatives from Remploy facilities, across Wales, took part in an event to showcase their work and build backing amongst Assembly Members for an alternative to the UK government planned closures.

Aberavon AM, David Rees, and Chair of the Unite Group of AMs said:
“I was pleased to meet with representatives from the different Remploy factories, especially those from the factory at Baglan Energy Park.

The closure of Remploy facilities, such as the one in Swansea, is a tragedy for the employees and their families who rely on Remploy. Work is a key element of an independent and fulfilling life, and sustainable employment is a powerful tool for greater inclusion and equality for disabled people.
Not only is Remploy is a lifeline to some of our most vulnerable workers, it also plays a huge part in helping wider groups, such as supporting work placements for pupils who may have a disability. Closing these factories is deplorable.”

It is hoped that today’s (14.03.12) event in the Senedd is one step towards working with Assembly Members and Welsh Government Ministers to find an alternative future for Remploy in Wales.

Andy Richards, Unite Wales Regional Secretary said:

“We know that Remploy has a vital role to play in the Welsh economy as both a diverse manufacturing outlet and in training and supporting disabled people to progress in a working environment. The UK government has made the wrong call at an even worse time on Remploy and we welcome the Welsh Government’s commitment to once again stand up for Welsh workers.”