Aberavon AM, David Rees, raised his concerns about ambulance delays at A& E with Lesley Griffiths, the Minister for Health and Social Service, in the Senedd today (28.11.12). David Rees AM has already called for closer scrutiny of services at Morriston hospital to ensure they do not become overloaded following the closure of acute medical services at Neath Port Talbot.
David Rees AM said:
“The transfer of services, from Neath Port Talbot Hospital to Morriston Hospital, has caused an inevitable increase in the workload at Morriston Hospital. Whilst clinicians and doctors have assured us that this is the safest way to provide high quality services to Neath Port Talbot, it is vital that we ensure that services at Morriston do not become overloaded.”
“This can only be guaranteed by close scrutiny of services over the coming months. As part of this, it is incredibly important that the Welsh Government monitors the delivery of A&E services at hospitals to ensure that ambulances are not delayed unnecessarily, thus becoming temporarily unavailable to the Wales Ambulance Service Trust.”
“We all know that a delay of just a few minutes can have dramatic consequences so it’s really important that we monitor this to ensure that people get the safest and highest quality care as quickly as possible.”