Aberavon AM, David Rees, has called for closer scrutiny of services at Morriston hospital to ensure they do not become overloaded following the closure of acute medical services at Neath Port Talbot. His comments were made to Lesley Griffiths, the Minister for Health and Social Services, in the Senedd today (26.09.12). Over the last 4 weeks emergency cases have been transferred away from Neath Port Talbot Hospital due to a shortage of qualified medical staff. The majority of Aberavon constituents are now being taken to Morriston Hospital.

David Rees AM said:
“The transfer of services, from Neath Port Talbot Hospital to Morriston Hospital, has caused an inevitable increase in the workload at Morriston Hospital. However, some constituents have commented that, when they attended the hospital, the additional pressure had been noticeable.”

“Whilst clinicians and doctors have assured us that this is the safest way to provide high quality services to Neath Port Talbot, it is vital that we ensure that services at Morriston do not become overloaded. This can only be guaranteed by close scrutiny of services over the coming months and I have written to the Chief Executive of ABMU Health Board to express my concerns and seek reassurances on the service delivery at Morriston Hospital.”

David Rees AM added:
“Whilst we are in a regrettable situation, we must work with medical professionals to ensure that we find realistic and effective solutions to the problems we now face. During these tough times our focus must be on ensuring that the people of Neath Port Talbot have access to the safest and highest quality health care possible.”

Lesley Griffiths, the Minister for Health and Social Services acknowledged the excellent facilities available at Neath port Talbot hospital and confirmed that the primary focus is, and always has been, on providing safe services for all residents.