Aberavon AM and MP’s continued concern over part-time trial closure of M4 Junction 41

In less than two weeks, the part-time trial closure of the west bound on-slip road at M4 junction 41, known to many as the Pentyla junction, will start.

In a response to a letter from Aberavon’s AM, David Rees, the Minister for Transport, Edwina Hart AM, has stated that from August 4th2014, the trial will be in place at peak times of the day (between 7:00 am and 9:00 am in the morning and 4:00pm and 6:00 pm in the evenings) Monday to Friday each week until March 2015. Signs are currently being erected in Port Talbot to advise motorists of the forthcoming closures and the local council are working to implement the mitigating measures on the alternative routes that will be used.

Both David Rees AM and Hywel Francis MP continue to express concern over the impact upon the town and the likely traffic chaos in Port Talbot, as motorists use these routes and others to get to and from work during the week.

Dr Francis stated: “As this trial starts a week Monday, we will expect to see motorists from Port Talbot and the Afan Valley face delays as they travel to the west during peak times.  However, we will see even more disruption in September as schools go back and more people use the roads.  We will closely monitor the impact on local residents as we continue to raise our opposition of this proposal from the Welsh Government”

David Rees AM said: “Since becoming aware of the proposal, I have had many discussions with Ministers and officials to express my strong opposition to any junction closure and we have seen the public come behind our campaign against the proposal.  The public’s voice must continue to be heard as this trial closure is evaluated“

He added: “It is important that people submit their views on this trial closure. The Minister’s response indicates that they will be inviting comments on the trial closure on the Traffic Wales website from October 2014, but as the trial begins on August 4th, I urge people to write their comments from August onwards and submit them to my office, so that I can ensure that their views are collated and submitted appropriately.”

To contact David, please write to David Rees AM, Unit 6, Water Street Business Centre, Gwyn Terrace, Port Talbot, SA12 6LG, call 01639 870779 or email [email protected]

To contact Hywel, please write to Unit 7, Water Street Business Centre, Gwyn Terrace, Port Talbot, SA12 6LG, call 01639 897660 or email [email protected]